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A consultants' company

Areas of expertise

As a specialist in management and information Systems consultancy, Linster Consulting offers services to cover every stage of project delivery, (Plan, Design, Build Run) and project scope (Business, Application, Infrastructure).
Management Consultancy


Linster Consulting has developed specific development strategies for its financial industry clients, particularly relating to :


  • Risk

  • ALM

  • Compliance



Business Analysis


As the vital link between the end user and the IT department, Project Management Support is in Linster Consulting’s DNA:


  • Feasibility studies

  • Assessment of end users’ needs

  • Workshops

  • Drawing up functional specifications

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Change Management


Linster Consulting’s partnership with Indian company Tech-Mahindra allows our clients to objectively consider the possibility of outsourcing their IT operations.


Whether it relates to Application Management or Infrastructure Management, Linster Consulting’s specialists, working with both Front and Back office will ensure a successful transition to Off-Shore teams



The cross-functional ERP Business Unit deals with 3 market solutions :


  • SAP

  • IFS

  • EKIP


They are involved at all stages of the project, (Plan, Design, Build, Run) and deal with the fundamentals of functional issues.



Linster Consulting’s specialists deal with issues relating to networks, systems and security:


  • Architecture

  • Information System security

  • Administration







Linster Consulting has proven experience of Business Process Outsourcing implementation.


While the market trend is to outsource Business Processing, Linster Consulting has shown that it is possible to keep this activity On-Shore, combining the advantages of proximity, expertise and productivity.

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